Chiswick in White

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  • Fabric Type: Braids, Tassels & Trimmings
  • Name: Chiswick
  • Colour: White /
  • Width: 1.2 cm
  • Description: This braid is a 'Scroll Gimp' this is more flexible than standard braids as it lays flat around curves.  There are nine colours available.  If a full card (25mtrs.) or card ends are purchased there will be a further discount of 20%.   P&P will be cheaper than shown on our shopping cart.  Please phone (01953 881804) or email  with your enquiry.  Another  range worth viewing is the 'Villa' range which has sixteen different colours of a similar design.    
  • Quantity Available: 23.00 m
  • Availability: In Stock
Price: £1.98 (inc VAT)
The minimum quantity is 2.0 metres

Fabric Information

Discontinued: Not Discontinued

Remaining stock discount

If you purchase the remaining balance of a stock item, or are prepared to take a complete roll / bolt of material you will be entitled to an extra 20% discount. Email us at or phone the shop on 01953 881804 to check availability

Making curtains using Chiswick?

We can make you a pelmet for your window covered in Chiswick to match your curtains, find out more at our associated company Pelmets4u.