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Curtain Guidance

Free tips on surveying your window / opening requirements.

Choosing the right type of curtain track or pole.

First rule is the track covers the window and the curtains hang from the track

Before you contemplate purchasing any curtain fabric you need to make sure you have the correct track or pole in situ. Also will you be requiring it corded this is especially advisable if the curtains are expensive like silk or velvet and are likely to get marked if handled too much. Another good reason for using corded tracks is if the windows are tall, corded tracks will draw the curtains from the headings which is far better than dragging or yanking the curtain by hand by its leading edge.

Are you thinking you may like a matching pelmet or valance, in which case you will not be requiring a pole as it will not be seen. However you will require either a valance rail or pelmet shelve to support the preffered top dressing. Note were possible these should be    2.5 cms (1”) longer at each end of the track and have sufficient projection to clear the curtains when they are being drawn. As a guide you will normally find the boards are 15 cms (6”) wide

a) Stand back and look at your window objectively, for good drapes with a reasonable fullness, the curtain track or pole that you will be hanging them from needs to be wider than the recess you are curtaining. As the window gets wider it is advisable to extend the track further to allow for the extra fabric that will be required to cover it

For example if the window you are covering is small say 100 to 120cms wide you will require a track/pole about 140 /150cms this will allow you about 15cm (6 inches) each side of the window for stacking the curtains. As the windows get wider they will require more fabric and therefore it is advisable to allow more projection past the windows to allow for stacking.

b) There are guide lines as to how much fullness is required to cover tracks or poles (the most common used which the  majority of people prefer is approximately 1¾  to double fullness, this is based on using a pencil pleat heading ( 60 mms / 3” deep). If you are contemplating having pinch pleat heading these will require more fullness (2½  to 2¾)

If you are interested in made to measure net curtains. We recommend Woodyatt Curtains , this is a local business which is also in Watton and run by my son. All of the designs they have are in stock and they offer a next day delivery service. If customers order before 1 pm and pay £6.95 postage they can have their curtains delivered next working day.