This shop stopped taking orders in June 2022, the site will be turned off at the end of 2024.
If your interested in buying our old stock please contact Graham using the details on the homepage.


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Embossed floral pattern on a basically plain colour, very subtle effect, ideal trim fabric. ..
Ex Tax: £1.50
Interlining 180GM
This is our budget interlining, also the lightest weight (180GM). For another 0.40p. per metre,&n..
Ex Tax: £1.85
Lining (Ivory)
Budget quality lining.  This is our cheapest lining, although there are cheaper products availa..
Ex Tax: £1.23
Poly/cotton lining
This is a wide poly/cotton lining, 272cm.  Special price as end of line.Extra wide lining. ..
Ex Tax: £2.46
This lining is our most popular product used in our workshops.  It is a polycotton mix, very go..
Ex Tax: £1.91
Polyester/cotton lining
Our most popular seller.  Mid-range, suitable for general curtain use. ..
Ex Tax: £1.91
  Plain poly/cotton sheeting. Suitable for all bed, table linen and various household items...
Ex Tax: £4.21
Super Deluxe Sateen
Special purchase of discontinued fabric, therefore we are able to supply at a considerable discounte..
Ex Tax: £2.92