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Embossed floral pattern on a basically plain colour, very subtle effect, ideal trim fabric. ..
Ex Tax: £3.75
Bonded Lining (Cotton Sateen).
This is the better quality of the two bonded linings we do.  Gives a lovely feel and look to cu..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Bonded Lining (PolyCotton).
Bonded/interlined face lining, which gives a more luxurious handle to what is already a go..
Ex Tax: £4.16
Interlining 180GM
This is our budget interlining, also the lightest weight (180GM). For another 0.40p. per metre,&n..
Ex Tax: £1.85
Interlining 210GM
This is our medium weight interlining (210GM). Ideal for most curtains. ..
Ex Tax: £2.20
Lining (Ivory)
Budget quality lining.  This is our cheapest lining, although there are cheaper products availa..
Ex Tax: £1.23
Lining (White)
Best cotton white lining. This is stocked in both widths 137 & 122 cms. ..
Ex Tax: £2.13
Lining /Cotton sateen (6849)
100% Cotton with satin finish. This is our best quality lining.  Normally used on expensive fab..
Ex Tax: £2.34
Lining F/R
Poly/cotton lining that has been fire retardent treated. ..
Ex Tax: £3.32
Poly/cotton lining
This is a wide poly/cotton lining, 272cm.  Special price as end of line.Extra wide lining. ..
Ex Tax: £2.46
This lining is our most popular product used in our workshops.  It is a polycotton mix, very go..
Ex Tax: £1.91
Polyester/cotton lining
Our most popular seller.  Mid-range, suitable for general curtain use. ..
Ex Tax: £1.91
  Plain poly/cotton sheeting. Suitable for all bed, table linen and various household items...
Ex Tax: £4.21
Super Deluxe Sateen
Special purchase of discontinued fabric, therefore we are able to supply at a considerable discounte..
Ex Tax: £2.92
UV lining
This is our best quality poly/cotton lining.  This lining has Ultra Violet fabric protection. ..
Ex Tax: £2.34