Truro in Gold Copper

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  • Fabric Type: Velvet /Suede incl. Flock fabric
  • Name: Truro
  • Colour: Gold / Copper
  • Width: 132 cm
  • Description: Copper and old gold raised velvet stripes on a plain gold background.   Suitable for upholstering antique furniture.
  • Pattern Repeat: Repeat, N/A
  • Quantity Available: 5.00 m
  • Availability: In Stock
Price: £6.99 (inc VAT)
The minimum quantity is 2.0 metres

Fabric Information

Cleaning Instructions: DRY CLEAN ONLY
Discontinued: Discontinued
Suitability: Upholstery Only

Remaining stock discount

If you purchase the remaining balance of a stock item, or are prepared to take a complete roll / bolt of material you will be entitled to an extra 20% discount. Email us at or phone the shop on 01953 881804 to check availability

Making curtains using Truro?

We can make you a pelmet for your window covered in Truro to match your curtains, find out more at our associated company Pelmets4u.